Medical Weight loss

So, what is medical weight loss? It is physician-directed weight management based on medical scientific principles that target the root causes of obesity and weight gain to achieve and sustain a healthy weight long-term.

Individualized weight loss plans that may include: B-complex vitamin, mic injections, HCG, Medifast, appetite suppressants, fat dissolving/collegenase injections, micro nutrient, bio-identical hormone replacement, adrenal hormone replacement or a combination of one or more of these.

When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Mendoza, these are some of the programs that may be discussed.
• Hormone Therapy

• B-Complex Vitamin Injections

• Appetite Control

• Nutrient Supplementation

• Dietary Counseling

• Exercise Counseling

• Maintenance Programs

Fountain of Youth Medical Spa is also a provider of the popular Medifast program. Studies prove that when it comes to adopting healthy habits, encouragement and understanding can make a big difference. Medifast helps you achieve long-lasting weight-loss results through the power of clinically proven nutrition, along with the support you need to make lasting changes. You can work directly with Dr. Mendoza to create the program that best fits your goals.

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